Crime Tour of the Lower East Side

Meet the people that made the Lower East Side a legendary capital of crime.


    About 2 hours


    About 1 mile, flat terrain


    City Hall, Chinatown, old Five Points, and the Lower East Side


Corrupt politicians. Crooked cops. Gangsters so terrifying that they’re known only as “Murder, Incorporated.” These are the men and women that have made New York City’s underworld the stuff of legend. But there is so much more to this legend than you’ve ever heard. Why is it that New York has had such a violent past? What drove these people to a life of crime? This is the story of a broken and corrupt system and the clever individuals smart enough to exploit it.

On this walking tour, you’ll explore Lower Manhattan where we’ll discuss the orphan street gangs that evolved into mafia, con men and bank robbers so rich they rubbed elbows with the Vanderbilt’s, gun fights that would make the Wild West blush, and the politicians that profited from it all. You’ll visit the old Five Points District, Chinatown, the Bowery, and of course the Lower East Side. Let us show you how New York’s crime history began.

The tour meets at the corner of Chambers and Centre Streets in Manhattan.

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